Friday, July 10, 2009

ITT we locate Truth

Two options:

1) Truth is a thing already existing in reality which is discovered.
2) Truth is a thing created by beings who create truths.

Which would you say is the case?

If 1:
If truth is a thing discovered then it is impossible to discover truth absent epistemology and ontological metaphysics. To discover a thing in that which exists one must determine both what exists and how one knows anything about that which exists. It makes no sense to maintain that truths are discovered in reality yet maintain that one need not discern what is reality and how one knows anything about said reality.

If 2:
If truth is a thing created then just fucking create a truth. If truth is not beholden to anything except one's intentions and capacity for creation then just fucking make something up and move on.

If 1 & 2:

If it is the case that truth is both 1 and 2, that truth is both discovered and created, then I think both sets of criteria apply. One needs to understand both the process of discovery and the process of creation.

However, there is an obvious conflict here. If truth is discovered then any created truth must be beholden to those things discovered. If truth is created then there seems to be some flexibility with regard to that which is discovered.

My guess is that a person would want to say that truths are created based upon what is found. Except there is an obvious heirarchy or sequence here. First one finds what there is. Second, one makes something out of that which is. This would put "what there is" primary and, so, primordially true whereas the second step would not be truth qua truth but rather would be a creation which, to some degree, involved truth as an ingredient.


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kylebrown said...

I'm throwing a vote down for discovered.