Friday, July 10, 2009

To bedevil -J-

Sadly, this is a well done edit... man, I hate Haruhi


_J_ said...


_J_ said...

I think it incredibly unhealthy to like this song as much as I do


kylebrown said...

The images overlayed on top of the enlarged negatives make me nautious.

_J_ said...

In terms of AMV editing this is top-tier quality.

MA17 said...

Japanese men aren't eating beef and driving fast cars because they're watching fucking Harhui dance.

_J_ said...

The dance animations are pretty damn great.

I am compelled to watch this series...and that might indicate a gigantic flaw in my being.


Of course, I have many flaws.

_J_ said...

I think that the reason for my liking this song is that I want a girl to like me this much.

So instead of me putting forth a bunch of effort to try and manifest a situation in which she wants to date me the situation is such that she is the one putting forth effort to try and manifest a situation in which I want to be with her.

That would be pretty cool.

Roscoe said...

to further my hatred for Haruhi :

Haruhi's "Endless Eight" arc.

Basically, the characters are stuck in a time loop reliving Haruhi's 'perfect summer vacation'. Normally, you'd think you'd finish something like that off in the next episode. Maybe the third. Heading towards six now and all they've done is reanimate + record new audio for the same episode over and over with largely cosmetic changes and the slow introduction of the realization by the non titular characters that they've been reliving the same events but have no idea how to stop it. And zee fans, they are cranky that it's beginning to look like a 13 episode second season is going to actually contain eight episodes of this before things are sorted.