Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maddow v. Buchanan


Roscoe said...

Man, I love watching these two go at it.

Pat's out of his skull on points.. but..

Caleb said...

She's not a Sarah Palin candidate for this position.

_J_ said...

Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan disagree on race? NO! What are the odds?

I kind of mostly agree with Pat Buchanan on affirmative action.

Though, in this argument, if Pat is going to argue coherently, he needs to not bring up the "affirmative action" crap but rather focus upon her judicial history and academic accomplishments.

He needs to have a "This particular person whose name I am using would be more adept on the supreme court."

_J_ said...

They're both being quite idiotic in this interview.

That last question of "are you happy there is a latina on the supreme court" was stupid. Pat's reply ought to have been, "If all we want is a latino let's put Carlos Mencia on the bench."

Christ fuck ass shit.

kylebrown said...

or perhaps JLo as she fits all of the criteria

Roscoe said...

Man, Pat Buchanan? Argue Coherently?

He argues in two modes - dismissive and beligerent.