Monday, July 13, 2009

Seether ruins Careless Whisper

I enjoy Wham! just as much as the next guy. So when I heard Seether's cover of 'Careless Whisper' I thought, "Hey, I like Wham! so I can appreciate this." That is, until I came to a shocking realization; Seether fans now like 'Careless Whisper'...and they think it is a Seether song. Which is not terrible...

Until you watch THIS.

Seether Fans
Throwing the Horns
To Careless Whisper

You don't fucking do that in civilized society, ok? You don't's...christ, it's George Michael for fuck's sake. And this guy is never gonna dance again.

Ok? It's not that he might dance again. It's not as if there is a possibility that in the future he will dance again. No. He's never gonna dance again. His guilty feet have got NO rhythm. Not some rhythm, not an approximation of rhythm. No fucking rhythm. And, sure, it's easy to pretend. But he knows, he fucking knows, god damn it, that you're not a fool.

You don't fucking throw the horns to that. This man is baring his soul; he is never gonna dance again. Show some respect!


Caleb said...


kylebrown said...

Seether didn't ruin careless whisper though. Ignorant masses did. Seether did a respectable rendition of the song. The stupid people who don't know any better are your problem, not those who they misinterpreted.

If someone were to misinterpret Nietzsche, would you blame Nietzche?

If a modern philosopher were to reference Spinoza, and make it clear they were doing so, then a bunch of dumbasses attributed Spinoza's ideas to the modern philosopher, because they are dumbasses, would you blame the modern philosopher?

Your anger is misplaced.

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Roscoe said...

I'm still waiting to find out if it's acceptable to CROWDSURF during the song.

I, of course, mean the WHAM version.

I mean, if George can't dance again, perhaps he'd LIKE to surf bodies. Just throwin' options?