Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Louisville be Floodin'

Louisville Area Experiencing Major Flooding.

As much as 6 inches of rain fell in an hour and 15 minutes.

Impressive. Most Impressive.


kylebrown said...

I truly surprises me, every time a major flood happens that buildings/cities right next to huge fucking river don't have better flood plans. Why are the buildings not constructed in such a way as to be able to properly handle a flood?

People in California learned a long fucking time ago to stop building homes out of brick and mortar, because earthquakes fucking wreck that rigid shit.

_J_ said...

"because earthquakes fucking wreck that rigid shit."

That's what she said.

I've no idea how people design buildings without regard for teh planet and things teh planet does.

Though, in Louisville's defense, one would have thought that the Christian % of Kentucky would have offset the abortions / atheism of Louisville such that God would not flood them.

Mike Lewis said...

anyone heard from caleb about the condition of Hanover

Caleb said...

It rained & hailed, I'm sure there were some small leaks here and there -- nothing major.

Our building has been needing a roof according to Neil, "as long as I've been here." but so far it hasn't dripped on the server rack.

_J_ said...

I talked to Christina lady on the phone and she indicated that Jolly and Andrew are alive.

Andrew said...

We served the latest disaster the gods have sent upon Louisville. And the Ohio handled the 6inches quite well. it was mostly the roads turning to rivers, and low spots turning to lakes. Our basement flooded. but not too much was lost.

Before the storm the sky looked angry. and then it let loose its angry. so much angry.