Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deathly Hallows: Official Trailer



Mike Lewis said...

the problem with the Harry Potter movies is that they make awesome trailers and generally mediocre movies.

Andrew said...

Maybe they should have just dont a series of shorts

_J_ said...

Hey, now.

Let's not say anything we'll later regret.

Caleb said...

Who's that dude with the weird nose?

Mike Lewis said...

the trailer for the last movie was fantastic, but the movie was terrible.

all of the movies have been terrible and failed to live up to the books.

go back and watch the battle of the Department of Mysteries and the Battle of The Astronomy Tower. Those scenes were fantastic in the books, but very disappointing in the movies.

_J_ said...

Part of the problem with the previous movies is that they had to cram 600+ page books into two hours. So, while the books can articulate depth, nuance, and growth the movies are just "HERE IS SOME SHIT WHICH HAPPENS" with the hope that a coherent narrative forms along the way.

The actions sequences are another symptom of this. In the book, the department of mysteries and astronomy tower scenes are epic and moving as a result of the components of the narrative which form within them. Part of the tension is knowing how the battle affects the narrative and how different parts of it are described from Harry's perspective.

In the movies, these come across as people running and pointing sticks at one another.

Said another way, in the books the point of these scenes is not the action, but rather the confluence of components of the narrative. In the movies, the point is the action.

My hope is that breaking the final movie into two parts will afford opportunities to actually EXPLAIN WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON and afford the characters some room to grow and communicate a genuine emotion, or two.

So, yes, the other movies sucked.

But if they do this right? If they do this movie right? It genuinely could be a fucking epic experience.

I mean.


If they actually pull that shit off on screen? If half the emotion and depth from the books occurs? That would be intense.

_J_ said...


This movie is either going to be:

1) He smashed a locket.
2) He destroyed a horcrux.

If it is 1? Alright, well, I sat through all those other movies.

If it is 2? oh my fucking god.

Christina said...

Stop getting your hopes up. These movies suck and will continue to suck.