Friday, July 2, 2010

Kristen Stewart: She really is that awkward

If you've ever, um, watched Twilight, like, you will know that, um, Kristen Stewart stammers and, uh, pauses, a lot. Like, a lot. Like, the whole fucking movie is, like, just Kristen, um, Stewart stammering and, um, pausing. And just, uh, when you think she's, erm, going to stammer, like, a little less...? That's only, uh, because she's, erm, pausing. She's basically, like, the most awkward, um, inarticulate, uh, person, ya know, ever.

If you, uh, have not seen, like, the, you know, Rifftrax they, uh, kind of tend to, like, you know, focus upon, uh, this quite, erm, a bit.

But I thought this was just for her character, in the movie.

Turns out, uh, that in real, um, life, eh, she is just, like, as awkward, and, uh, inarticulate.

Also, she apparently, uh, really cares, like, about wolves. And, um, hates that, ya know, they are, like, shot? And stuff? Shooting, um, is mean, erm, you know, bad. Yeah.

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