Monday, June 13, 2011

The Emprises of Not-Icarus™: Episode 1

Our argument in the Thor thread seems to have been causally efficacious in my creating a superhero comic this weekend. So, having avoided needless degrees of ado, I present:

Shirley Cooked is a fantastic adult film actress name.


kylebrown said...

I approve of this comic. I was most entertained.

Andrew said...

weekly issues?

Roscoe said...

... In the grandest tradition of Superhero namings?

That hyphen's going to get lost rather quickly, and soon, we'll be reading the adventures of Noticarus.

Yes, Naughty Carus, dirty old bird that he is.

_J_ said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. I plan on doing at least four more of these things, provided that making them continues to be fun.

Unfortunately, I awoke this morning to a message that "ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt." After trying to repair for two hours I had to reformat, so losing all the photoshop files for this first comic.

That's not a terrible problem, except to say that I'll have to remake everything for the second comic instead of just moving pre-constructed images around and adding new speech bubbles.

Because, I mean, photoshopping those glasses onto that Icarus sculpture takes, like, four minutes. And that is time I could spend making another martini, or napping.

Mike Lewis said...

@j - dropbox for backup - it is great.

also - pro comic.