Friday, June 17, 2011

Evangelion + PSP = zomg

I do not care what kind of game it is. I do not care what the production value is.

It is an Evangelion game.

And I am pleased.


Roscoe said...

IT IS! Until I was saw the Virtua On moment, I was pretty sure it was Crazy Slots.

Then I heard Pachinko. And I thought, nah, I'm hearing things I want to hear. Then the balls drop. And.. J transitions nicely into dottering old man blowing his social security check.

AppleTreesRTall said...

I'll never understand Pachinko. Why are these balls flying everywhere!?

And yes, that IS what she said.

I'd still rather get the Monster Hunter crazy-cute cat village game, but to each their own?

Roscoe said...

Yeah, but you know we can't trust J with Cat's Paw on Stick adorable-polearm technology.

Better he be distracted by Pinball: The Gambling.

_J_ said...

Apparently they've decided to market this game to all those newly widowed middled aged japanese women who lost their husbands to a lack of radioactive foresight.

I mean, they need something to do with their time, and it's not as if they can leave the house to go to a real pachinko parlor, what with the fallout, and all.