Sunday, May 20, 2012

Diablo 3: Crafting is Inefficient. Thanks, Auction House!

Two new features in Diablo 3 are jewelcrafting and blacksmithing.  You can ignore these, though, because they're both rendered stupid and useless by the Auction House.

To explain the wasteful aspects of Jewelcrafting one need only to look at the math.

The materials required to construct one Square Ruby:
- 3 Radiant Rubies
- 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting
- 7,500 Gold

The prices, according to the Auction House:
Square Ruby:  5,000
Radiant Ruby:  1,800
Tome of Jewelcrafting:  800

So, to construct one square ruby:

(3*1,800) + 800 + 7,500 = 13,700

To buy one square ruby:  5,000

If you construct a square ruby via jewelcrafting, then congratulations!  You've just lost 8,700 gold.  That's not including the gold you spent leveling jewelcrafting, either.


First things first:  STOP SALVAGING ITEMS!  Just fucking stop doing it.  Why?  Well, here are the prices for those salvaged mats you're getting:

Subtle Essence:  19
Fallen Tooth:  7
Shimmering Essence:  30
Lizard Eye:  150
Wishful Essence:  40
Encrusted Hoof:  400
Exquisite Essence:  1200
Iridescent Tear:  3200
Fiery Brimstone:  19,000

So, in normal, when you salvage that magic item that sells for 50 gold, you've just lost 31 gold.  There's no fucking need to salvage anything, because it's more efficient to just sell everything, and buy the crafting mats you need on the Auction House.  This kinda changes once you get to Inferno, depending on the item's sell value, but you aren't in Inferno yet.

Moreover, there's no fucking need to craft anything in the first place.  Sure, you might luck out and get an ok item with ok randomly generated stats.  Maybe.  But if you get on the Auction House, you can just search for the exact item you want and buy it with the gold you saved not leveling your blacksmithing.

"But what about those legendary items I can craft with Blacksmithing!?", you exclaim.

Well, someone else can craft them, and you can get them off the Auction House using the gold you saved by not leveling your blacksmithing.

My hope is that maybe, maybe, things start changing in the next few weeks as people l2math and stop flooding the AH with cheap mats.  Maybe then JC/BS will be viable.

But for now?  Stop wasting your own gold and learn to profit off other's inability to do basic math.


_J_ said...

A qualifier to the JC prices: If you pool all of your resources and start making the highest level gems you might be able to turn a profit, given how rare the higher gems are now.

We'll see what happens as that market starts to flood, too.

Anonymous said...

your a fucking asshole, now youve exploited ( so it seems ) and now everyone cant earn shit as well as others! they should just flush the gems all together and make everyone start fresh.

Dont post stuff like this over the web... Send it to the staff

Anonymous said...

YEAH, fucking low lifer. If u found a cheat, youd show everyone wouldnt you.. you should be banned

Kayla said...

To the people complaining that he's cheating, you should just bury you head in a hole. Ya'll are fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

I'm still making money crafting high lvl gems for now, but not a lot, certainly not enough to be worth it for the $$, but it's still more fun to collect dropped gems and craft them into better gems before selling them!

Also, agree with the last poster, this article is not a "cheat", the auction house is part of the game, whether you think it should be or not, so using the auction house to the best of one's ability is simply playing the game well...

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