Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reading [chat] isn't playing D3.

If you are reading this, then you are not playing Diablo 3.

Why the fuck aren't you playing Diablo 3?


_J_ said...

Posting a comment is also not playing Diablo 3.

Mike Lewis said...

D3 Distance Map

Mike Lewis said...

confirmation from blizzard who seem to be lurking the /r/diablo.

_J_ said...

Thanks so much for that map! I haven't had time to google info on the game, so I've just been guessing at how distance works.

_J_ said...

Also, something I learned today: If you play a class that can use pets, don't fucking use your pets.

Pets can pull treasure goblins.

I was running around with my ferrets having a merry time, and then my damned ferrets pulled a damned treasure goblin and I damned couldn't damned kill it before it ported out.

So, yeah, pets are lose.

Mike Lewis said...


kylebrown said...

I have had my companions pull the treasure goblins too. A bad time was had by all.

kylebrown said...

Something that isn't Diablo while I'm stuck at work not playing Diablo.

_J_ said...


Pulling a mob is engaging a mob. Mob is standing over there picking flowers. You do X to get the mob to attack you.

X is pulling.

Be that damage, or running up to give him a hug.

_J_ said...


1 hand barbarian mighty weapon
161.5 DPS
+60 str
+78 intel
+14% attack speed
+12 max fury
Required lvl: 51

You want, or is is vendor trash?

kylebrown said...

I would say trash it, but the dps makes it very tempting.

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