Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo 3: Paper Doll Screen DPS Bug

Here's something to note when you're assessing the DPS values of different items.  On the paper doll screen (inventory) it calculates your overall DPS based upon your gear and skillset.  This can sometime render incorrect information.

For example, my Demon Hunter had these passives skills selected:

Archery:  Hand Crossbows: 10% Critical Hit Chance

Sharpshooter:  Gain 3% Critical Hit Chance every second. This bonus is reset 1 seconds after you successfully critically hit.

When comparing bows, with these passive skills, it weighed a 1H bow with (+ crit dmg) higher than another 1H bow that had higher base stats, but no (+ crit dmg) bonus.  On critical hits, the information was correct:  The bow with (+ crit dmg) was higher.  But, when I'm not doing crits, the other bow is higher dps.

Once I changed my passive skills, the paper doll screen displayed the correct DPS information.

So, when you're working on your build and assessing item values, keep your passive bonuses in mind!  They might be fucking up your numbers on the paper doll screen.


kylebrown said...

I'm confused. Did you have 100% crit at the time when you compared them as a result of the passive, or does it completely ignore the passive, because it is impossible to account for without data on average time between attacks?

_J_ said...

When I first select the passive, it begins adding crit. I can watch the DPS change on my paper doll screen as the passive builds up crit to 100%.

So, the screen is giving accurate information: At 100% crit my dps is bla bla.

But I don't always have 100% crit, since whenever I crit the passive resets my crit to its base value, and then begins adding numbers until I crit again.

So, it's good...in that it's providing relevant information...but it's not very accurate insofar as it doesn't say "yeah this is just with 100% crit oh by the way you don't always have 100%."

Said another way, my average dps is actually lower than what the number shows, since I'm not always critting, and then number is only showing crit dmg.

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