Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012: We are Fucked

Back in 2008 I posted fairly regularly about the election.  I wrote about primary coverage, tracked poll development, and genuinely felt compelled to lend my voice, such as it is, to the clamor of opinionated nonsense on the tubal interwebs.

This election?  Not so much.  You don't care why, but I'm going to write about it anyway.

In 2008 President Obama handily defeated McCain.  53% of the popular vote.  365 Electoral Votes.  And he fucking won Indiana.  This year, Nate Silver has projected President Obama to get around 315 electoral votes, and the popular vote promises to be closer.

This indicates that we as a Nation, as a people, are fucked.  Not so much because President Obama's novelty has worn off, but rather because people are fucking voting for Citizen Romney.  There are human beings, some 45%+ of the voting public, who look at Citizen Romney and think, "Yeah.  That guy.  That guy should be in charge."

"What," I ask, "THE FUCK!?"

Who the fuck, who fucking looks at that shit and thinks he's presidential material, that he has leadership qualities, that he is in any way qualified to make decisions that impact the lives of the general populace?  What self-hating dolt considers a leader of Bain Capital to be the sort of person to safeguard our general welfare?

Yeah.  Mitt Romney.  He'll take care of us.


George W. Bush was an idiot.  A C-average cokeheaded moron.  But at the end of the day I can understand his folksy appeal.  To be honest, I wouldn't mind getting drunk with George W. Bush.  I don't want him to have the nuclear fucking launch codes, but I'd do a line with him at a strip club.

Romney, though.  He doesn't even have personable.  He doesn't have charm.  You wouldn't want to have a beer with him.  You wouldn't want to talk to him.  Moreover, he has no genuine positive attributes that could foster a rational compulsion to support him.

There is no good reason to vote for Mitt Romney.


Here's the three reasons why people vote for Romney.  You can ask anyone.  Go find a Romney supporter.  Ask them why they are voting for Romney.  Their reason will fit into one of these three categories:

1)  They're rich.
2)  They're racist.
3)  They're stupid.

That's it.  There is no other reason to vote for Romney.

You have millions of dollars?  You're voting out of fiscal self-interest.  You think President Obama is a worse president that William Henry Harrison?  Congratulations, you're a fucking racist.  Or you think that zygotes have rights, jobs > environment, or you believe that anything Romney has every said belies anything more than the fact that he thinks saying it will result in getting more votes?

You're just fucking stupid.

When McCain ran against President Obama, I could at least pretend that McCain supporters saw some of those old Daily Show interviews, and then ignored everything McCain had ever done while not talking to Jon Stewart.  Or, hell, they wanted Palin to be Vice President out of a desire to get more glimpses at her tits.

I could rationalize someone supporting McCain.  The thought was salvageable.

Romney, though.

You can't fucking...there's no fucking...no god damned process by which one can get support for Romney up and running.  To put one's mentality into such a state that Romney is appealing does severe damage to one's self-conception.  It fucking breaks your fucking imagination.

I'll imagine I'm Rupert Murdohgoditburns.

That Obama is a niggereallyican'tevenfinishthis.

Maybe zygotes have feeletmediepleasejustfuckingkillmenow.

You can't do it.  Romney supporters are so fucked in the head, at such a fundamental level, that it is impossible for a sane individual to grasp whatever malevolent shit infests their mind.

And they walk among us.  That's the other thing.  When you're at the super market (not Whole Foods, but any other market) someone near you has a thought in their mind that prompts their pulling the level next to Citizen Romney's name.

They're out there.  We know they're out there.  And we have to try to have a functional civilization the composition of which is 45% motherfuckers who think this malevolent, heartless, manipulative liar is worth voting for:

"Hey, a dying man in a wheelchair.  I better walk the fuck away, lest I piss off some heteronormative white male."

We are so incredibly, immensely, undeniably fucked.


Anonymous said...

I got halfway through and realized that you are a biggot. You did not mention fact in anything that I read and more so, you cannot help but to use more profanities than you can count. You suck :-D

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