Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Romney Supporters: Kill Yourself

President Obama secured a second term tonight, much to the chagrin of at least 53,558,586 people.

This is a message to those Romney supporters.

If you're on Facebook forecasting the end of the world
If you're talking about moving to another country
If you think we, as a country, are doomed
If you think Obama is a secret muslim
If you think that a black man has no place being president
If you think Obamacare is a deleterious government over-reach
If you think Obama has made this nation worse off

Then put a loaded gun in your mouth

Cock it

And pull the trigger.

You are an ignorant, racist, hateful, illiterate, superstitious, uneducated fuckwad who is retarding the progress of the United States of America.

You think the world is ending.
So get out early.

Because the world is a worse place for your being in it.

Fuck you.
Fuck Mitt Romney.
And fuck the horse you rode in on.

We elected a black man for a second term.
We elected the first openly lesbian senator.
We elected the first bisexual senator.
We voted in favor of marriage equality.

Tolerance is the wave of the future.
So get out now, biggots.

We're moving forwards, not backwards.


_J_ said...

Butthurt morons are butthurt

Caleb said...

This post is just that side of inspiring.

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