Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mitt Romney is not John Kerry, Damnit

The internet is full of butthurt conservatives today.  They're bitching on twitter, they're whining on forums, and they're changing their Facebook profile pics to black squares, to indicate a state of mourning.

A few liberals I talk to online are trying to take the high road.  Rather than drink the tears of our enemies, they contend that we ought to offer sympathy.  Conservative reactions are akin to how we felt when Kerry lost to Bush.  We were sad when Kerry lost, and today's conservatives are no different.

Here's the thing, though.

John Kerry losing was a bad thing.
Mitt Romney losing is a good thing.

And we need to fucking say that.

I am sick and fucking tired of tolerating racists, of tolerating homophobes, of tolerating ignorant stupid shits who can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground, but feel as if they have something important to contribute to our national conversation about how to run a country.

There are not two sides to these issues.

If you think that the amount of melanin in someone's skin indicates their value as a person?  Then go fuck yourself.

If you think that homosexual love is somehow different from heterosexual love?  Then go fuck yourself.

If you think there is an invisible man in the sky, and your invisible man's dick is bigger than another invisible man's dick?  Then go fuck yourself.

If you think that fundamental human necessities for life need to be earned, rather than readily available to every human being?  Then go fuck yourself.

Stop pretending that these horsefucking dolts have legitimate points, or important opinions.  Stop pretending that we need to respect hateful, ignorant, intolerant shits.  We don't need to respect them, acknowledge them, care for them, or treat them as if they are in any way helping the human species progress towards a better tomorrow.

They are retarding human progress.

They are delusional.

They are wrong.

Your conservative friends on Facebook who mourn Romney's loss are making the world a worse place.

Tell them that.

And then defriend them.


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