Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone 3G

Gizmodo: iPhone 3G available July 11th

$199 for 8GB
$299 for 16GB


Mike Lewis said...

adds GPS, a flush headphone jack better integration into MicrosoftExchange mail and apple's new MobleMe consumer productivity system.

it also has a plastic back

_J_ said...

Plastic Back is for the lose.
3G is for the win.

Now they just need to offer more than 16 Gigs.

Mike Lewis said...

there was no price drops for Touch.

also the upgrade price for the iPhoneOS 2.0 will be 10$

_J_ said...

Could you find whatever source told you that Apple has to charge people for software updates?

Because what you told me doesn't make any sense. And now that my iTunes keeps telling me that I ought to give Apple money to update my Touch I'd like to understand why they couldn't just give me the fucking update.

Mike Lewis said...

it has to do with Sarbanes-Oxley. It is a law that accounting law the prevents companies for adding new features that a person has already payed for.

I think this is the link i posted before.

Mike Lewis said...

and yeah - it doesnt make since. The touch is a computer and adding new features to a computer is part of wha a computer does

the law sucks, and only helps out accountants.

_J_ said...

What confuses me is that I doubt the law somehow differentiates the iPod Touch from other pieces of Hardware.

So what is it about the Touch Update that requires them to charge when a plethora of other electronic devices can receive free updates?

_J_ said...

"The App Store will be part of the iPhone 2.0 firmware update that is free to iPhone users, but $10 for iTouch owners."

Make sense of that.

Mike Lewis said...

the buying the apps that came out in januray was total bullshit for sure...20$ was FAR to much for that.

but when you put it in terms of 10$ for the app store, that is great.

I think it is also far to say that there will be other upgrades and changes in the OS as well. Stuff that was not talked about today.

i mean, this update is like upgrading from Windows 98 to Widows XP....

_J_ said...

But why would it be free for iPhone and $10 for iTouch?

If they're legally required to charge $10 why would the iPhone be free but the iTouch not be free?

Unless they aren't legally required...and they're just being dicks.

kylebrown said...

I'm going with filtering the nonbelievers angle.

If you want to be as pretentious as necessary to own an apple product, then by god you need to be able to man up and pay the $10 to have the newest available versions, else you have failed.

_J_ said...

I would accept that.

It's a far more honest answer than "We has to charge you...cause."