Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ted Stevens Indicted for Corruption, Tubes

Republican Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has been indicted on seven charges related to a corruption probe. A federal grand jury in Washington has handed up the indictment against Stevens -- which the Justice Department is set to announce very shortly. Stevens, 84, faces seven counts of false statements involving VECO, the oil services company in Alaska, and the renovations done on his home.

When questioned about his home renovations Stevens replied, "They're not a big truck. They're a series of tubes!"

*Update*: Stevens Pleads not guilty.


Mike Lewis said...

so, in other words, Ted Stevens was charges related to his holding a public office?

_J_ said...

"Prosecutors say he received $250K in gifts and services from VECO Corp."

Now these gifts, it's not like they were in a big truck, that they could keep piling them on. They were sent through a series of tubes. And these tubes, you see, can be filled. And when the tubes are filled the Justice Department pwns your ass.

_J_ said...

Ted Stevens is a lot funnier if you pretend that he sounds like Droopy Dog.