Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spencer Taylor: Not The Joker

Ok. Even if we assume that Heath Ledger's Joker was right and acknowledge that rules and laws are little more that social constructs meant to allow for survival of the species? If we abandon our suckling at the teat of indoctrinated bullshit and rather objectively assess reality in a pursuit of Truth?

That DOES NOT MEAN that we dress up like The Joker and attempt to steal posters from the lobby of the cinema in which we watched Dark Knight, Spencer Taylor! No, Spencer Taylor! Bad, Spencer Taylor!

First of all, materialism is fucking stupid. Which, if you had watched Dark Knight and listened to The Joker, you would have fucking understood. So, if you're dressing like The Joker in order to steal Dark Knight merchandise? Sorry! You've missed the fucking point the guy you're dressing like tried to make.

Second of all, FUCK YOU, Spencer Taylor, for making fans of Dark Knight that much lamer by comparison to your stupid, worthless, fanboy ass. If you had just tried to steal the posters sans makeup and costume? Ok, not too bad, you're just a fan. But when you put on makeup and wear a damned costume? SORRY! You've delved into that other realm of fanboy which is lower and far more miserable and disgusting than those who simply hop around wearing cat ears.

I would like to assume that Spencer Taylor is just a fan who wanted to steal things related to the movie. But my real fear is that Spencer Taylor is one of those jackasses who hears a fictional character deliver a monologue about the futility and absurdity of organized society who then decides to go smash mailboxes and throw firecrackers at cats. Not only does motherfucker completely miss the fucking point of the monologue, but THEN he uses it as a half-assed excuse to be a moron who puts on face paint and tries to steal posters. And who the fuck steals a movie poster? The damned things are like $20 on Amazon.

Gah! There's nothing more frustrating than a jackass who misses the fucking point. And you, Spencer Taylor, completely missed the fucking point.


Anonymous said...

I think everyone's got this wrong - reading too much into it. I'd bet the kid thought if he made it look like he was supposed to be there, he might get away with it. (I bet he went "hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha" as he did it.)

Nice try, kid, but they tell the staff about that stuff ahead of time.

He's still a dummy, but a different type of dummy.

Anonymous said...

the guy is destined for the happy farm

_J_ said...

"if he made it look like he was supposed to be there, he might get away with it."

So why not dress like an usher?

Anonymous said...

You guys are stupid. It was a damn poster, you are acting (those of you bashing the guy) as if he tried to perform that pencil disappearing trick on people at the theater. Shut up and get a life, not everyone is perfect and maybe he was just trying to have some young fun. Ass!

Anonymous said...

Agreed...he was just having some fun...BIG DEAL...Spencer is just that kind of guy that likes to joke around.

Anonymous said...

What did you do as kids to entertain yourselves?! For Christ sake the kids a kid. Give him a fuckin break!