Thursday, July 3, 2008

Viacom gets YouTube Records

The judge granted a Viacom motion that records of every video watched by YouTube users, including their login names and IP addresses, be turned over to the entertainment giant.

So now someone at Viacom will now know exactly how many times a login name or IP Address watched "Miko Miko Nurse" or "Angry Cat". I guess that's a kind of victory.


_J_ said...

I don't know what I think about this. Part of me wants to tell Viacom that digital media is easily replicated so fuck you. Another part of me doesn't care. A third part of me is hungry. A fourth part of me thinks that Viacom has a right to limit the manner in which its content is used but seizing data from Youtube is the wrong way to do it.

Mike Lewis said...

to be clear, Viacom does not get the date, only the court. The court will go through the date.

part of Viacom's case is that pirited video is / was more popular on youtube. The court will now go through this date, figure out of that is true, and pass the stats on to all parties.