Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ageless Question - Personal Theme Song

Okay.. we all want a theme song, because, deep down, we all think we deserve one. This is self-evident fact, indisputable, and any who try are clearly disingenuous.

Proceeding from this, of course, is what ought one's theme song be. There's plenty of room here to maneuver the debate to your preferential themes, but, as we all know if we are truthful with ourselves, there's really only one Go-To themesmiths. All others are simply trying to make due and vying for second place.

They, obviously, are Queen. But even for such masterful folk, best demands a singular winner. Therefore, I must ask-

Which theme would you choose? Princes of the Universe? Or Flash?



_J_ said...

I already have a theme song*.

But if I had to choose a Queen song? Definately not Princes of the Universe, since it's Princes, and it talks about "we". That is definately not me. I do not know what Flash is about. So, that's out.

I could be happy with Under Pressure.

*I quite like this version.

_J_ said...


Ros embedded a video clip in a post.


Roscoe said...

kinda confused at the sarcasm in the second post.. considering.. damn near all of my posts have been simple reposts of embedded video.

Also.. You don't know what FLASH is about?

Flash Gordon? AAAAAAAAAH-aaaaaa! DefenderoftheUNIverse! (thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump) FLASH! AAAAAAAAAAH-aaaaaa!

? Nothing? My shame at knowing you? Burns.

Under Pressure? Great song. But not a themesong for anyone. Mikey's friend Rob Van Winkle saw to that.

Roscoe said...

.. I do kinda like that disco-beat they switch to there. But.. still..

Vying for Second Place Best Theme Band, ever. No shame in that. It'd be like assuming Dead Serious could be better than Road House. Sure, we'd WANT it to be so, but in all honesty, there's no way it could ever meet such heights.

_J_ said...

I don't think any of us harbor the delusion that Dead Serious would be better than Road House.

Roscoe said...

Of course we aren't. We have no Swayze for Dead Serious.