Monday, June 20, 2011

Behold the Crossfire Rage


Caleb said...

It's great.

_J_ said...

It's very difficult to have a genuine conversation when the topic changes every 2.5 minutes.

kylebrown said...

I know I yammer on about titles inadequately describing the post and it appears to be for no reason but damn it now I have a reason. The web theme shows only a title and it sucks when the title is so ambiguous.

Roscoe said...

No, it's only difficult to have a MEANINGFUL one.

a genuine one? Yeah. Kyle and I have those conversations once a month. And nothing of importance is said. Only felt. In devestating cultural insults.

Crap.. Kyle's also calling me out for bad titling. But I have no talent for adequate or proper titling, because title and body are equally visible to me. One informs the other. I suspect a torrent of scorn to be aimed at my direction soon.

Mike Lewis said...

This makes the exchange on crossfire seem quant. If 2004 John Stewart know what 2011 John Stewart would be dealing with.....

Remember, the crux of the issue on crossfire was that Stewart opened his interview with John Kerry by asking him how he was holding up, by showing a little compassion to a person after a long election.

_J_ said...

@Kyle: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

@Ros: "I have no talent for adequate or proper titling"

This is a proper title: "Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday".

The joke goes in the body of the post. The title is utilized for searching / indexing. The label is for organization with respect to similar posts.

So, handy-dandy explanation mode:

Title: Topic / Subject of Post.
Body: Jokes.
label: Categorization

_J_ said...

Actually, here is a better explanation of titles: This isn't fucking Kotaku.

Roscoe said...

No one ever thought it might be Kotaku.

Comics Cavalcade, on the other hand?