Thursday, April 24, 2008

For those who have time to kill

Anyone familiar with the Lone Wolf series of books?
or Fighting Fantasy?

Probably not, as those were bigger in the UK, it seems.

Basically they were hybrid RPGs and Choose Your Own Adventure style Interactive Fiction. Unlike CYOA, you would keep stats through the book/series on a notepad, so you'd advance and adapt to scenarios...

The first Lone Wolf was turned into a couple of Neverwinter mods that were.. interesting..

Anyways.. the author of the Lone Wolf stuff has put them all up online... as hypertext linked pages.... with a Java statkeeper on the side.

I reccomend trying them out, if you've time to kill.

Lone Wolf


kylebrown said...

I'll show you a java statkeeper on the side!

_J_ said...

I read one Choose your Own adventure book. It was about a ninja, or, I guess, while reading the book I roleplayed a ninja. Or however you want to describe it.

Anyway, I read seven pages and died.

I'm not fucking making this up, either. I think there were two decision within those first seven pages and after my second decision I fucking died.

Roscoe said...

Yeah.. this will do this sometimes.. and a real pain..

on the other hand.. they make a very interesting game world and interactive fiction set up.

It's really kinda .. well.. interestingly frustrating.

_J_ said...

You know what else makes for a very interesting game world? Warcraft. There is a delightful World of Warcraft around which one could build a game.

And they did.

And it was awesome.

kylebrown said...

I have a bad habit of reading choose your own adventure books front to back while trying to build a progression chart in my head. Really takes the fun out of them.

Roscoe said...

heh. I did that too.. but often it was outside my head... i.e. with fingers holding places and cheating.

One nice thing about the Lone Wolf books is that the world is consistant. That is to say.. It's one story with one opening and one close. Multiple paths inside, but the figures are the same.

It's not You Wake Up and walk outside to be kidnapped by aliens, or go downstairs to find yourself drafted into becoming a superspy.

I always hated that about the Choose Your Own Adventure series.