Sunday, April 20, 2008

Smash Brothers Brawl

I've been playing a lot of Smash Brothers Brawl over the last week or so.
Yes, it is just like every other version of the game, but it is fucking fun.
My Wii Friends Code is 5411-0772-7898 if anyone wants to play!


_J_ said...

My experience with Brawl is limited to a demo unit at a Gamestop in Bloomington. I picked up the Wiimote, selected Pikachu, and did the same thing I did in Smash Brothers Melee: Kick ass with Pikachu.

If I had people with whom I could regularly play? I would probably buy the game so I could kick their asses with Pikachu. But as I have no such people I shall continue to play Melee on occasion given that I already own Melee and my game save has everything unlocked.

I hear only negative things about online play with Brawl. Have you had success with it or is the system tantamount to sucking a gigantic penis?

Mike Lewis said...

i played online last night for about 2 hours, playing random matches with people.

It worked really well for the most part. There was a little slow down when someone did something super cool....or when the goddamn nintendog attacked my screen.

The real problem came when someone jumped in with Sonic or Mr. Game and Watch. It dont know if is because of the character, or that they were better players...but they kicked my ass a lot.

there are two problems i see with the online play.

1) Nintendo could care less about online play.....if they did, they would of dropped the friends code thing like a bad habit.

2) wireless. my wireless network is OK...i live in an old building and there are a lot of people around me also using wireless. I've done my best to make sure i have a clear signal, but one can only do so much. If Nintendo wanted people to have a good online experience with online play they would of included a ethernet my xbox.

the one plus the wii doesnt cost my anything to play online....

_J_ said...

"the one plus the wii doesnt cost my anything to play online...."

I really think you tend to make far too big a deal out of games which charge anywhere from $5 - $15 per month to play online. If you're living in a third world country and have a yearly income of $300? Yeah, $15 a month is a significant chunk of your salary and you may very well die from lack of funds and, you know, living in a third world country.

But in the year 2008 in North America? $15 is not a big deal or a significant amount of money per month to pay for a functional online service. And I'm pretty sure that if Nintendo abandoned the fucking stupid friend codes and created a Live!-esque online play system which functioned? You would pay to use the service unless you refused to pay in order to make some kind of point.

As an aside, I do not understand why Nintendo has such indifference towards the internet. Their whole online component is entirely half assed when compared with Live or even the shitty system Playstation 3 uses.

Roscoe said...

It's basically Melee 2.0. Bringing a prettier, more expansive version of the exact same thing, with a couple twists.

It very much REVELS in what it is, and in showcasing Nintendo Nostalgia. And I love it for that.

Mike Lewis said...

i make 4000$ a year.

_J_ said...

"It very much REVELS in what it is, and in showcasing Nintendo Nostalgia. And I love it for that."


Nintendo has made a business out of being Nintendo.

Think about it.

Roscoe said...

.... $15 a month is a fairly significant expenditure when you're paying expenses. When you're living at home, with steady income, sure.

When you're not? or when that steady income becomes something less, when other concerns compete for a portion of it? That regular 15 a month gets to looking more and more burdensome. I mean.. I was paying 45 a month to play WoW when I was home, essentially. I covered the internet bill for the DSL and the monthly. No problem..

There's no way in hell I could do that on campus, currently. Even the regular 15 would represent a siginifcant regular expense. Not dauntingly so, but noticibly impacting what I eat, what I drink, and what I do for leisure.

Perhaps your perspective is a bit skewed and isolative?

_J_ said...

When I was not playing WoW I had to find other things to do with my time. So I would buy books (~$10), go see a movie (~$7), drive to Ft. Wayne and maybe buy a comic or two (~$12 not including gas), or maybe buy a box set of a series (~$30) or buy a movie (~$20). And that was usually either per week or every other week.

With WoW? I spend less money on entertainment than I did when not playing WoW because WoW is all the entertainment I want/need.

The problem comes when that $15 is in addition to other things. So, sure, WoW plus a Wii game plus some movies plus a box set plus etc. is going to be a burden.

But if you only spend $15 a month on entertainment? That's not bad at all.

_J_ said...

Come on, no one has anything to say about spending an entire month doing naught but work and WoW? You have to have some thoughts on that.

The benefit is that it is a terrific way to save money. You aren't going out; you don't need to buy new books or games or anything. You just come home from work, eat dinner, and then sit in your room playing WoW.

The problem is that not everyone can do just one thing for a month straight, which is neither good nor bad but rather the result of their personality.

Given that right now my goal is to save money for grad school? I like that I have one source of entertainment which costs a mere $15 per month.

Roscoe said...

I found it a shit way to save money.. becuase I was STILL going to get comics, food, beer, other games, etc.

But that's just me.

_J_ said...

"I found it a shit way to save money.. becuase I was STILL going to get comics, food, beer, other games, etc."

That's why you don't buy those other things. Just sit in your room playing WoW.

Roscoe said...

Wouldn't not buying those other things PLUS not buying WoW be an even better way of saving money, then?

Roscoe said...

Bah. damnit. this is what I get for posting after naps.

_J_ said...

"Wouldn't not buying those other things PLUS not buying WoW be an even better way of saving money, then?"



And since you addressed a peripheral component of my point then i'll just leave my reply at "yup".

kylebrown said...

I agree with J that WoW is a fantastic way to save money. Twice now, I have been unemployed and continued to play WoW specifically because of how cheap it is compared to other entertainment.

For my lifestyle to include the cost of high speed internet with the cost of wow is ludicrous because I will always get the high speed internet regardless if I play WoW or not.

Secondly, when comparing the cost of WoW, you first need to realize that money is going to be spent on entertainment in one way or another. The point J is making is that only spending the money on WoW is much cheaper than spending the money buying shit on a regular basis. To say it would be cheapest to no play WoW AND not buy shit would be correct, but completely ignores the point of the premise.

Lastly, the only times I decided WoW wasn't worth the money has been when I was too busy to play it, and even then the cost is negligible in my opinion. $15/month is beyond worthwhile for upwards of 80+ hours a month of entertainment.