Sunday, April 20, 2008

At the SK Office

So there are these two WoW guilds, Nihilum and SK-Gaming. Both of these guilds are composed of professional WoW players who are paid to play. Nihilum killed the Eredar Twins 30 minutes before SK-Gaming downed them, meaning that Nihilum got the first world kill on the Twins. SK has been trying to beat the Nihilum guys in World First kills since day one.

This is a video someone made depicting what happened at SK-Gaming after learning that Nihilum downed the Eredar Twins.


Mike Lewis said...

that is kinda fucking amazing.
how does one become a pro WoW player?

what does that even mean

_J_ said...

It means you find someone with a lot of money willing to pay you to play WoW in high end raiding.

If you think about it, being the first in the world to kill boss X is pretty nifty and could easily be marketable. So someone who can finance a group of people does so with the hope of profit.

_J_ said...

Also, you have Aids in your neck.

Retarded Paladin!

Anonymous said...

We don't get paid for raiding.