Monday, April 28, 2008

For all your Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy video needs.

Seriously, it's an interesting idea.. and might be worth your time.

If you can put up with Pitchfork's music tastes.. some gems in there.. and some.. not so much.

Makes me long for pre-widespread cable penetration M2. Oh for the days of Matt Pinfield and Janice Dunn.


Roscoe said...

Yeah, no title.. sue me.

There's a sesame street video on there.

so.. you know.. get to it.

_J_ said...

I'm trying to figure out what it would be like if you wrote descriptions for, say, items in magazines.

Item: Cheese Grater
Description: "An interesting product that may be worth a look. Thundercats was a good cartoon."

Item: Running Shoes
Description: "Larry Lieber's spirit lives on! May not necessarily be a terrible purchase."

Item: Heart Worm Medication
Description: "Worthy of Jack Kirby but not quite to the standards of Neil Gaiman. David Byrne? He's not touching this shit!"

Roscoe said...

Well done on the Heart Worm meds.

I suspect it's the closest to the real deal. Though.. points off for flipping Neil and The King.

Still not sure if the David Byrne thing is a wry joke at my expense or a mistake, and you meant the loathed John Byrne.

I like to think the former. It's a much classier assemblage if it's David.

_J_ said...

The point is that in the description you don't actually make mention of or describe the product itself so much as you offer references to 80's pop culture.

It confuses me.

And apparently there is a corrupt file on this windows install...which is odd...because that means that the disk itself is corrupt? That can't be right.

Roscoe said...

Man.. it's late 90's references there.. MTV STARTED in the blasted 80's..


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