Thursday, May 29, 2008

Delegate Count

Here is the most resent updates to the superdelegate count

Name: Elected / SD / Total / Needed

Obama: 1,660.5 / 322.5 / 1,982 / 43

Clinton: 1,499.5 / 281.5 / 1,781 / 244

Remainine: 86 / 193 / 279

Based on The Huffington Post's reporting, the Democratic leadership are urging the uncommitted superdelegates to make up their minds by this time next week.


_J_ said...

The problem with having a "needed" column is that after Saturday the Magic Number may not be 2025. So until the Rules and Bylaws committee meets we do not know what the actual status of the race is.

Mike Lewis said...

yeah yeah.

the DNC's lawers says, that at the most the Rules and Bylaws committee can do is seat half the delegates or give each delegates half a vote.

that does what? increase the count by about 190.

Mike Lewis said...


here is the reference

_J_ said...

"although it did note a loophole that would allow her to carry the challenge to the first day of the Democratic National Convention in late August."

But, hey, this is Hillary Clinton we're talking about. Certainly she will graciously step aside rather than desperately cling to failed hopes and dreams in an effort to overcome the shame brought upon her by her husband's predilection for fucking other women.

I mean, she's not a crazy fucking bitch.

Mike Lewis said...


_J_ said...

Today's First Read breaks down the three possible results of Saturday's meeting and how they influence the math.

I'm lazy so I'm not going to type them out here.