Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why Clinton finished Strong

Last night was a great night. One of the best nights ever. Obama went over the top with a strong finish in The Big Sky Country. However, as Pat Buchanan has been saying over and over, Hillary Clinton also finished strong. He keeps banging his fist trying to get people to answer that question but nothing seems to satisfy him.

Why did the Big-H win when Obama was so fucking awesome. I think the answer is quite simple. She is Hillary Clinton. "Clinton" entered the race as a front runner, the wife of one of the most popular presidents ever. She also happened to be a leader of the women's rights movement.

That shit goes a long way when people are not political wonks like us. When you watch the today show or the evening news and get a small local news paper, how do you make your choice? You go with what you know. I am not saying that the voters are stupid or idiots or wrong. It is how a lot of people work.

Votes in the last few weeks are not votes against Obama, but votes Clinton. The states Hill has won are not states that the Democrats can win in in November. Clinton will bow out quietly with little fan fare. She does not want to to be V.P. She wants to be, to quote Jay, Prime Minister.

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_J_ said...

"I am not saying that the voters are stupid or idiots or wrong."

Why not?

People who make uninformed decisions are stupid, idiotic, and wrong.

There is no virtue to making uninformed decisions, no utility or benefit. There is nothing laudable about isolating one's self by restricting one's access to information. It is not good to make an uninformed decision; to assess a candidate on the basis of soundbytes and what people at work said.

People who do that? People who think Obama is a Muslim, that McCain wants to keep current troop levels in Iraq for 100 years, who base their assessment of Hillary on Bill? People who willfully ignore the abundance of information which is readily available?

These people are stupid.
These people are idiots.
These people are wrong.

If you would rather watch Law and Order than inform yourself on the candidates for President of the United States then you are fundamentally confused about the reality of the world in which you live.

And to willfully and appologetically hide from this fact is little more than appeasing ignorance.