Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Better than the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Linus' Blanket

The Tree is a purer concept, immediately communicating the idea on sight.

The blanket? Has actual use, and.. can be clutched.


_J_ said...

I don't like that it has the little patch of Linus holding the blanket.

Linus' blanket did not have that.

Roscoe said...

... is true.

_J_ said...

It bugs me when props are "replicated", modified, and then sold as replications.

What a confusing mess.

I have one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees. What I like about it is that it's something of an actual replication and it doesn't have a plaque or something on the base to say "zomg it looks like that thing!" It just...looks like the thing it's supposed to look like.

Mike Lewis said...

the fact that this is coming from urban outfitters fills me with rage.

that being said, Linus has always been my favorite character.

also, the blanket on by bed looks a lot like that....strange.

kylebrown said...

Yeah Urban Outfitters is a bad bad place...

Roscoe said...

it really, really is.

But they sell a belt that can hold beers, which I want to weave into a Leather bandoleer.

I think I'm willing to deal with the devil to get such a thing.

_J_ said...

Urban Outfitters is quite terrible.