Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WOTLK Talent Calculator

WOTLK Talent Calculator


kylebrown said...

I still don't understand how a Death Knight works, can you explain?

_J_ said...

Death Knight Info

Starting a Death knight:
"Before it is possible to start a death knight character, the account the Death Knight is being created on must have a level 55 or higher character. You may create one Death Knight per realm, per account, but when you first start your character, you must do a series of quests. By doing these quests, you will learn how to bend the power of the Death Knight to your own will, and after you have mastered that, you are then capable of going to any other area."

Basically it will ruin the game.

_J_ said...

"Ruin" may be too strong a word.

When WOTLK is released not only will players have level 70 characters to get to 80 and gear, but everyone will have a level 50 death knight to level.

Imagine what happens when everyone on a given realm is leveling / gearing their death knight.

kylebrown said...

Won't be that big of a deal. Actually helps to alleviate the strain on the new areas at the start.

the new races did the same for BC.

So when you create a death knight, he automatically drops to level 55? even if you made him with a 70? Also do you lose all of your previous class abilities, when you turn into a death knight?

_J_ said...

"So when you create a death knight, he automatically drops to level 55? even if you made him with a 70?"

A Death Knight is a new character. It's not a conversion of a previously existing character to Death Knight. One makes a new character and selects "Death Knight" as the class, then enters the game at level 50.

" Also do you lose all of your previous class abilities, when you turn into a death knight?"

Death Knights are new characters. They were never anything but Death Knights.

_J_ said...

"the new races did the same for BC."

I think Death Knights will be different in that Death Knights start at level 50 with a full compliment of good gear. So the "I don't want to have to level another character" feeling is minimized which means that more people will do it.

And I'm admitedly looking at it from a raiding perspective. If 15 people make a Death Knight and then decide they want to gear it...headache. Because raids will want to include a few Death Knights, but whose Death Knight gets to be included?

And the whole deal with class balance and raid / party composition.

kylebrown said...

Nah, about half of the people will want to level the characters they already have, and another half will want to make death knights.

That is what happened in BC. Those that want to level the characters they already have willbe in the new areas. Those with death knights will be in outland.

_J_ said...

Still worried about how Death Knights will impact Party / Raid composition.

Warlocks are nerfed in WOTLK. Death Knights have some very warlocky abilities.


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