Friday, August 8, 2008

Tonight's FNM deck

Just posting this here so the couple people who might be intersted can see it.

I really DO want to take this into a further Blue-Black deck.. but just not going to happen by tonight.

deck below-
18 Swamp, snowy
4 Terramporphic Expanse, fetchy

4 Chilling Shade - 2B, flying, Snowmana pump
4 Hypnotic Specter - Classic Hyppie
4 Phyrexian Ironfoot - 3, art. 3/4, 1(snow): untap
4 Urborg Syphon-Mage - 2b, 2b: Spellshape a two-point drain on an opponent.

3 Pooling Venom - 1b, Pyschic Venom, plus 3B: explode the land
4 Contaminated Bond - 1b, enchanted creature attacks/blocks, and controller loses 3
3 Vampiric Link - B, Sprit Link
3 Rime Transfusion - 1b, Unholy Strength, plus (snow):creature can only be blocked by snow creatures
3 Rite of Consumption - sorcery, 1b, Fling as a Drain Life.
4 Dash Hope - BB, Counter Target Spell, Opponent may lose 5 five to counter Dash Hope
2 Tendrils of Corruption - Instant, 3b, deals X damage to creature/player, and you gain X life, X= # of Swamps

1 Vamp Link
1 Rime Tansfusion
1 Rite of Consumption
4 Island, Snow
4 Rimewind Taskmage, 1u, 1: tap or untap target permenant. Only playable if you have 4+ snow permanents.
4 Circle of Affliction, 1B, choose a color. Whenever source of color X hits you, you can pay 1. If you do, drain 1 from opponent.


kylebrown said...

It feels like there is a lack of control, but otherwise is serviceable. My opinion is still to make a black and blue bounce discard because I enjoy watching my opponent get pissed off which is exactly what bounce and discard does.

Roscoe said...

You're probably right, in terms of where to take this deck.

I find people get pissed off tangling with taxes, which is where the deck started... with the Pooling Venom, the Rimewinds, and some more control enchantments that kept creatures tapped during the upkeep.

You're.. right that it's low on control.. but.. the control it offers is punishment. dropping my opponent into drainout ranges. I suspect it will put some heavy pressure on people with the near unblockability and the cost to attack, block, etc. the Links work as pseud-control, the drain effects push me further up in life while winnowing my opponent down, etc. I miss having more specters, though

kylebrown said...

yeah if you are going to go the taxing route, I think you need go further down that path, is the blue psychic venom still around?

Are there any other ways to lock down your opponent's resources or punish him for using them?

Roscoe said...

It obviously is obtainable.. but not in standard.

Icy, the Rimemage, the RARE rime mage legend, and a pile of good blue lockdown... Black's got a taxed upkeep enchantement that keeps something from untapping.

Basically a Dehydration for 3, but you have to pay B each upkeep or lose the enchantment. There's more like that floating around out there.

kylebrown said...

can it be a land taxed upkeep enchantment? psychic venom tends to be a lot less useful if you can't apply pressure on your opponent to actually use the enchanted land.

Roscoe said...

unfortuantely.. no.. it was controller of the enchantment paying.. I wish otherwise, and yeah.. I agree.

There IS LD in black now.. which would help..

Rain of Tears and a 2(b/r)(b/r) Stone Rain +2 damage..

kylebrown said...

Applying pressure to your opponent's mana pool while forcing discards of the cards he can't play as a result iwth spectres is a very respectable plan.