Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two Words

Following a link from the latest @Hanover publication, I was reading "Hanover Memories" and came across this romanticized, somewhat banal, yet mildly compelling recollection, which is particularly of note -- those of you in a position to know why will know why:

"Thank you for the e-mail news and views (of the past). Here is one of my favorite memories, which I believe is as valid now as it was when I was a student at Hanover. That is the memory of walking on the snow-covered campus at night, with a full moon beaming down on the campus and illuminating the Ohio River and the hills of Kentucky across the way. The lights on campus provided just enough glow to create a magical scene, and the golden river gave a sensation of what a bit of heaven might be like. Of course, we did not really walk; rather, we moseyed, stopping often to taste the snow, make a snowball, or just take in the magnificent view. Those, to me, were truly magical moments, thanks to Mother Nature! Keep up the good work!
Dr. Robert E. Wolverton '48

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