Thursday, August 7, 2008

Diablo 3 Art Director Quits

Brian Morrisroe, the art director for Diablo 3, has quit:

Regarding Brian, he recently resigned to form a startup company "outside the game industry", which is why we posted about the open position. That change won't impact the game...we're really pleased with the look and feel that Brian helped create for Diablo III, and the new person we bring aboard will work with other artists on the team to maintain the art style moving forward.
Apparently "resigned to form a startup" is the new code for "was driven crazy by fanboys". Because fuck if an art director leaves a job at Blizzard halfway through a game's development to form a fucking startup company. Unless he's one of those art directors who just hates money and work.

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Mike Lewis said...

the "form a start up" thing smells like bullshit but who knows.

The start up might not have anything to do with art directing, anyways.

From what we have seen in screens and stills one has to wonder how much more work there was to do on the art direction side. Once the basic concepts are locked in, there is not a lot of going back. Instead of being driven crazy by fanboys, who should shut the fuck up the game looks fantastic, his work could just be done. At this point, he feels like he can step aside and move on to other things.

or he was driven mad by fanboys. Who would only be happy when Diablo III looks like Diablo: Hellfire