Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mikey's Annual Pacifist Lapse

Serious question here. Your once a year free-pass, where you get to channel all the stored violence for the year?

Is it anything like this? And if not.. Can you learn to do this as well? Because it's awesome.

comic courtesy of Wondermark, obviously.


Mike Lewis said...

first off, i cant get the picture to be full sized, thus i cannot read it

2) i stoped being a pacifist YEARS ago, and now i am just mostly apathetic.

_J_ said...

I can't get the picture to be full size either and I don't care enough to go in and fix it.

Roscoe said...

yeah.. I don't know why It's not fullsizing.

but.. basically.. it's an absurd little thing from a wonderful little comic.

the third panel has the lady unleashing her Semitikinesis.